Montelukast (10mg), Fexofenadine (120mg), Acebrophylline SR (200mg)

May 10, 2023

Montelukast (10mg), Fexofenadine (120mg), Acebrophylline SR (200mg)

Montelukast (10mg) is a leukotriene receptor antagonist used to treat symptoms of asthma and allergies. It works by blocking the action of leukotrienes, which are chemicals produced by the body that cause inflammation and swelling in the airways.
Fexofenadine (120mg) is a second-generation antihistamine used to treat allergic rhinitis, urticaria (hives), and other allergic symptoms. It works by blocking the action of histamine, a chemical produced by the body that causes allergic reactions.
Acebrophylline SR (200mg) is a bronchodilator and mucolytic agent used to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It works by relaxing the muscles in the airways and thinning mucus, making it easier to breathe.
MONTELUKE 3D medications are commonly used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies, and they work by different mechanisms to relieve symptoms. It is important to follow the instructions of your healthcare provider and take MONTELUKE 3D medications as prescribed. Additionally, be sure to inform your healthcare provider of any other medications you are taking, as there may be potential interactions between MONTELUKE 3D medications and other drugs.
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